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PLEASE READ THE BACK OF THIS FORM FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND DEADLINES Page 1 of 2 Form Adopted for Optional Use Judicial Council of California JV-820 Rev. July 1 2010 FOR RECORD TO REVIEW ORDER SETTING A HEARING Welfare and Institutions Code 366. JV-820 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY Name State Bar number and address TELEPHONE NO. FOR COURT USE ONLY To keep other people from seeing what you entered on your form please press the Clear This Form button at the end of the form when...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing jv 820 form
[Music] [Music] hello guys my name is a luau boy and today I am going to teach you about how to write a petition but before we go further I must thank you all for subscribing me and this is a great experience and I'm going to touch a 200 subscriber thank you so much for that so that can to the point in this video I am just going to talk about how to write a petition so for the petition you need to get the format and in this video I will talk about the formal with example that you will get in the end so petition has three parts starting middle and ending starting on to use with the name of the cult name of the petitioner the name of T responded and also the subject of the petition middle part basically talks about grounds on which your mattering page also the cause of action on which you need a release in ending part is basically talked about the prayer and verification so I am going to take an example so that you will understand the format of petitions so here is an example of a petition under section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act so basically section 9 is talking about restitution of conjugal right for those who use owns know what is conjugal right this it is a right of a spouse if the other spouse lives in without any reason for two years to force him to live with him so in this video I will talk about this petition so the starting part just talking about three things name of the code name of this petitioner and name of the respondent here I have hided the name and the code name also for certain privacy purposes so first of all I'll start with the format first of all there is a code name in the court of the district judge add the place where the district judge is like hearing the case then petition number this you have to left blank so that code itself put a number on it with each series here you have to mention the petitioner name less-dense son or daughter if it is a female than wife or if it's a male then some of and then residents here you need to mention the petitioner than versus the same here for the respondent and then come the subject of the petition here the subjective restitution of conjugal right under section 9 of hindu marriages so after that once you have done this this is the starting part and then the grounds will start and this all the middle part which contains the grounds and also the cause of action so we're in this petition so the girls are here like the petitioner respondent had been legally married and that they were hindu before and after the marriage so they are just a ground which talking about the situation of a respondent and also the statement that the other spouse has been left him for two years without any reasonable comp so they are some of the counts and also stating that there is no kind of collusion between respondent and petition and in the end the prayer tail asking to the code for relief under conjugal right and also our maintenance pendant alight after that you need to write a place and date petitioners...